Music Technology

Combining computing and engineering with art and music...

Primary Skills:

Critical Listening

Audio Recording

Arduino Development

Max/MSP Programming

Composition & Performance

Having been an active participant in Georgia Tech's music program for several years, I have always strived for the highest levels of performance in both musical and technical proficiency. Fortunately, the department offers everything ranging from traditional symphonic ensembles all the way to modernized electronic percussion groups. The latter has especially provided a way to garner experience with designing, implementing, and performing live arrangements with novel instruments.

Music Tech Concert
GT Electronic Percussion Ensemble's performance of Battlestations III

I have participated in many similar ensembles over the past years, some professional and some educational. My most recent endeavors involved leading the GT Electronic Percussion ensemble in scope and execution of a semester-long concert development that merged traditional acoustic percussive elements with modern electronic and synthesized effects. What began with a template for an existing percussion composition was quickly adapted, re-written, and organized for a ~10 minute concert. Not only did we have numerous real percussion instruments, we developed several instruments including a massive capacitive touch harp synthesizer that one could control by grasping the copper strings.

My Handbuilt Partscaster Guitar
Making final adjustments on my newly built Partscaster

Whether it's designing new electronic instruments with Arduino sensors, building 8-foot tall electronic/wooden harps, splitting complex rhythms on drum pads mapped to classic 80's laser sounds, or composing material for the music that ties it all together, music technology at Georgia Tech has been an exciting avenue for my interests and skills.

Aquarium Room
Nothing more exciting than a workbench that's prepped and ready to go

Many of my personal hobbies involve elements from my musical and technological past. I am always in search of new mods, component swaps, and upgrades for my musical gear; whether that be drums, guitars, basses, amps, keyboards, or world instruments. Additionally, I have experimented with the construction of these elements, most notably a hand made electric guitar, custom effects pedals, RIAA phono preamps, and many more.

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