Acoustic Engineering

Utilizing acoustic design processes to yield maximum audio fidelty...

Primary Skills:

Acoustic Principles

Matlab Modeling & Simulation

Mechanical Analysis

System Optimization


Sound and music have long been my primary interests. Naturally, the point between electrical audio signals and the acoustic domain is critical when evaluating overall quality of a system. Therefore, mastery of this area is something I strive for through personal exploration and academic study.

Acoustics Baffle Cutting
Cutting tweeter holes in new 2-way loudspeaker baffle

Whether it be evaluating transducers or DSP systems while interning at Apple, Inc., designing and building a subwoofer enclosure for use in a home theater system, or repairing and tuning an old console piano, helping to create accurate and efficient acoustic systems and instruments represents one of my passions and goals. Beginning formally through electrical engineering courses at Georgia Tech, I have forged a background knowledge that enables significant contribution in this area.

Piano Tuning
Tuning and cleaning a piano's keys - one octave at a time

More importantly, I have developed hands-on experience in prototyping and producing acoustic systems through extracurricular projects. Because of these endeavors, activities such as model acoustic systems in Matlab, cutting new loudspeaker baffles, wiring passive crossovers, and designing subwoofer enclosures are now familiar processes.

Testing Speakers
Testing loudspeaker frequency response at the GT Audio Lab

Overall, acoustics represents a topic of great interest and action. It is my intent to apply this knowledge in a professional manner in the future. Ultimately, my desire is to assist in developing audio products that not only satisfy the user's requirements, but also leave them impressed with an sense of joy and enthusiasm by providing an immersive user experience.

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