Being a current Human-Computer Interaction student, my prior experiences appropriately land me at the thriving junction of science, technology, art, and people. With training in many relevant fields including computer science, engineering, psychology, and music, I strive to further my understand about each of these domains and the interactions between them.

Music Mixing Board

In my academic studies, I have a growing record of research contributions and publications, most involving auditory work. While my interests are greatly varied, I am especially intrigued by the sense of sound and its applications: audio engineering, auditory interfaces and perception, musical cognition, and user accessibility. Please view my portfolio to see what I've done recently.

Music and Psychology

Music has long been a major element in my daily life. Between symphonic orchestras, electronic percussion ensembles, professional gigs, music education, and personal work at my project studio, I find ways to keep playing and making music despite my commitments as a full-time student. This perennial obsession with music serves as the primary motivation for my fascination with sound.

Music Mixing Board

Aside from music, my personal hobbies include sports - most notably hockey and football. I am also very interested in health and nutrition. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my experiences.

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